Data Integration

API integrations

We integrate with multiple API's all at once

Cloud based

The processing power is in the cloud, not the hardware

Multiple sources

All types of data sources welcome

Multi outputs

Big screen, small screen, mobile devices, television or web streaming


No specialised hardware needed

Cost effective

Save time and money with automations

We combine and manipulate multiple data sources

What makes us unique in our space is that we combine, manipulate and display multiple data sources in real-time.

Whether it is serial data, timing data, GPS data, spreadsheet data or even social media feeds, we combine all the inputs into your desired style and graphics.

This, combined with the ability to automate the process, makes it easy for experienced controllers and non technical people alike.

Web native cloud data services

We collect all different types of data (e.g. telemetry, timing, wagering, trainers) which we then manipulates into a simple to digest data stream in the cloud.

We process the graphic visualisation and rendering of the data into the different outputs – all in high quality, broadcast standard.

The outputs can be displayed on any screen you wish, whether large outdoor screen, small mobile app, or professional broadcast platform – our system caters to them all.

Our system is not reliant on specialised hardware

Using readily available hardware, our system removes the need for annual licensing fees and huge outlays for expensive specialised and bespoke equipment.

Leveraging data for innovation

As new data and AI/ML technologies become available, we partner with our customers to ensure they extract maximum value from their data feeds and optimising the visual outputs.

 Innovation is at the heart of what we do.